Corrugated: Supply-Chain Hero

Corrugated packaging can be a critical supply-chain efficiency tool for cost-effective product protection from products’ points of origin to their points of purchase and end-use.

Case Studies

Case studies have proven corrugated’s performance and cost advantages in the produce and case-ready meat supply chains. Cost sensitivity factors have been analyzed to assess corrugated’s advantages over other transport packaging alternatives in different product transport scenarios.

In case after case, corrugated proves itself a valuable supply-chain partner for suppliers and retailers aiming to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Studies compared costs for transporting onions, strawberries, tomatoes, apples, broccoli, citrus, grapes and watermelon. See more information on the case studies below:


Economic Analysis with Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure software presents the whole truth about corrugated shipping containers and plastic crates. The Full Disclosure software package was developed by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and the Fibre Box Association (FBA) to provide package buyers and users with an objective and systematic analysis of shipping container alternatives. The Full Disclosure software provides corrugated box users with an objective comparison of RPCs and corrugated containers without exaggeration or incomplete information. Full Disclosure accurately reflects users’ precise assumptions to create a cost comparison that is uniquely their own.

Full Disclosure:

  • Allows users to prepare sophisticated cost models comparing the system-wide economics with each packaging choice.
  • Is convincing. Results are based on the customer’s own hard information and assumptions.
  • Shows which shipping container system offers the best overall economics and lowest total costs.
  • Solves problems. The box manufacturer has a better understanding of its customer’s shipping container problems and is better equipped to solve them.
  • Protects the customerFull Disclosure shows the customer the complete impact of switching container systems and provides all the information needed to decide on the best and lowest-cost solution.
  • Plays hard but fair.  Full Disclosure is impartial. Experience shows that corrugated is typically the most cost-effective shipping container. However, if there is a more effective alternative, the software will show it.

See for yourself. The corrugated packaging industry has worked long and hard to make its shipping containers the most effective and cost-competitive. With Full Disclosure, you can see this for yourself, using your own information. Contact your box supplier to arrange for Full Disclosure cost analysis, or call the Fibre Box Association (847) 364-9600.

In case after case, corrugated proves itself a valuable supply-chain partner for suppliers and retailers aiming to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Corrugated Common Footprint

The Corrugated Common Footprint (CCF) for Produce was developed by the Fibre Box Association in 1999 to help retail grocers optimize efficiency in their supply chains. CCF containers are modular, with two footprint options (half-size, or 10-down, and full-size, or 5-down) that feature interstacking tabs and receptacle to help assure stability even for mixed pallet loads.

The Common Footprint container offers a wide variety of benefits that are attractive to growers, shippers, retailers and distributors, and have made it an increasingly popular alternative to RPCs. More information on the Common Footprint can be found in the Fibre Box Handbook, available for purchase here.  

Corrugated for Case-Ready Meat

In the early 2000’s, a new trend emerged in the grocery industry adventing case-ready meat merchandising in stores. In 2003, the corrugated industry was the first to market a solution for this new segment introducing a packaging system for case-ready meat packaging, the Corrugated Modular Systems for Case-Ready Meat. The modularity system offers two parallel footprints and standards: a 5-down (full-size), and a 6-down-long (full-size).