Corrugated Life Cycle Assessment

New Comparative Life Cycle Assessment Now Available!

The corrugated industry has just completed a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) study to bring a scientifically robust and transparent environmental assessment of corrugated containers and reusable plastic containers (RPC) to the produce industry and the public. Click here to learn more!

The corrugated industry is working hard to reduce the industry’s supply chain impact on the environment. See the progress we’ve made below.


35% Reduction in GHG Emissions Between 2006 and 2014

The corrugated industry released its third life cycle assessment report in June 2017 measuring and documenting the cradle-to-cradle environmental impact of corrugated packaging manufactured in 2014. The new study builds on the first-ever U.S. corrugated-industry LCA, released In 2010 and its update released in 2014.

Information about the new study results is available below:

  • News Release – Corrugated Industry Extends Record of Environmental Progress
  • LCA 2017 Executive Summary – A PDF document that includes graphs and diagrams detailing the study findings. (Downloadable PDF)
  • 2017 Full LCA Report – The entire technical report detailing the life-cycle assessment study for a 1-kg. industry-average corrugated product. (Downloadable PDF)
  • 2017 LCA Infographic
  • 2017 Webinar Slides and Recording
  • Carbon Calculator – Estimates the carbon footprint, non-renewable energy and renewable energy associated with the life cycle of your corrugated container, based on weight.

2014 & 2010 LCA results:


More corrugated packaging is recovered for recycling than any other packaging material.

Corrugated Recycles @ 93% in 2016