Industry Materials

Below you will find a variety of materials with more information about corrugated packaging.

Boxes are Extraordinary Logo

The corrugated packaging industry has unveiled a new tagline for its promotion program. “Boxes. The most extraordinary ordinary thing in the world.”

Boxes are Extraordinary Infographic

Find out how boxes — the most extraordinary ordinary thing in the world — can reduce shipping costs and waste, and help sell product in your store.

Boxes are Extraordinary Video

Corrugated cardboard boxes are so common, it can be easy to take them for granted. But boxes are so, so much more than ordinary. In fact, boxes are extraordinary.

Comparative LCA White Paper

A life cycle assessment of corrugated containers and reusable plastic containers for produce transport and display. Since shipping containers are essential to the successful delivery of
products from point of origin to retail shelves, the question may be asked:
what’s the best choice?

Recycling White Paper

Corrugated packaging has a track record miles ahead of any other packaging material’s recovery and re-use  rates. But it didn’t happen overnight. It took a prolonged and focused effort that should be viewed as an example to improve recycling rates for other packaging materials.

FBA Produce Sales Brochure

The FBA produce sales brochure is designed to promote the benefits of corrugated packaging for use in fresh produce supply chains. Growers, shippers, packers, and others in the supply chain can count on corrugated packaging to protect, transport, and sell their product.

Recycling Success Infographic

This infographic depicts the twenty-year growth in recovery of corrugated materials for recycling.

LCA Infographic

This infographic details results from a life cycle assessment report measuring and documenting the cradle-to-cradle environmental impact of corrugated packaging.

Responsibility Brochure

The Responsibility Starts Here brochure was produced as a communication tool to address the sustainability of corrugated packaging. The piece unfolds like a box, with multiple panels that provide statistics and facts about sustainable attributes of corrugated packaging.