Choose the right packaging.

The corrugated cardboard box has a story worth sharing. 

Design the best packaging for your product.

Customer satisfaction starts with the right packaging.

Packaging can have a huge impact on buyers’ purchasing decisions. Studies have found that it takes consumers only seven seconds to decide whether they wish to purchase your product. Packaging plays a big role in putting forth a good first impression of your product. It’s powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different.

Corrugated cardboard is the best packaging material for your product.

Corrugated cardboard packaging is preferred by consumer packaged goods manufacturers, shippers and retailers for its low cost, high-performance product protection, insulating characteristics, graphic appeal and sustainability.

Customization is one of corrugated packaging’s hallmarks. Every box is engineered to specifically fit its intended contents and optimized for minimal waste and maximum value. Its fluted construction and elasticity help protect contents; high strength-to-weight ratio reduces the risk of damage in transit and eliminates wasted space in truckloads, reducing shipping costs.

Plus, corrugated serves as an effective brand ambassador. High-impact graphics drive brand awareness and product preference. Printing on corrugated now includes flexography, lithography, silk-screening, and digital printing on linerboard (pre-print), combined board (direct printing), single- face laminating and litho-labeling. Using infrared inks, coatings, foils, varnishes, gloss, color saturation, color matching, and G7 certification enhances print capabilities further, creating a “wow” experience.

As consumers expect more transparency from the brands they purchase, corrugated provides plenty of space and opportunity for printing more information right on the package. And, it’s a multi-dimensional billboard for telling a brand’s unique story – needed more than ever in today’s direct-to- home, e-commerce retail world.

And it’s circular by nature. Corrugated is made from a renewable resource, using bio-based fuels and recycled materials, and 90% of it is recovered for recycling. The average corrugated box contains 48% recycled fiber and the manufacture of new corrugated boxes perpetuates a continuous market for the recovered material, adding to its value.

For more than a century, the corrugated packaging industry has built a business philosophy dedicated to responsibility. Whether it’s through ensuring jobs or environmental stewardship, we proudly create sustainable solutions to support a global market.

You should feel good about choosing corrugated cardboard packaging for your product; your customers will.

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Why choose corrugated?

Corrugated packaging is a sustainable and clean choice that provides value throughout the supply chain, protects products and increases sales.
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