Packaging that cares about the planet.

A box’s journey starts in a sustainably-managed forest and, as long as the box is recycled, circles back to make even more boxes.

Corrugated cardboard is the circular choice when it comes to sustainable packaging.

90% is successfully recovered and recycled to make new boxes. 

In today’s circular economy, every portion of the supply chain bears a measure of responsibility for sustainable business operations. Consumers want to feel good about their purchases and businesses are increasingly focused on doing the right thing to earn their trust and to deserve positive reputations as stewards of the environment.

For more than a century, the corrugated packaging industry has built a business philosophy dedicated to responsibility. Whether it’s through ensuring jobs or environmental stewardship, we proudly create sustainable solutions to support a global market.

Corrugated cardboard is truly a guilt-free and responsible packaging choice.

Corrugated is a sustainable material; for every tree harvested to make boxes, three more are planted in its place. In fact, the average corrugated box contains 48% recycled content.

The industry’s latest Life Cycle Assessment showed that the average corrugated box now contributes 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than it did in 2006. This is due in part to the industry’s active campaign to encourage consumers to recycle more corrugated. Instead of going to a landfill, corrugated is recycled into new packaging.

Corrugated boxes are recovered for recycling more than any other packaging material, and that’s been true for decades. Corrugated’s recovery rate — hovering around 90 percent for several years now — bears testament to its manufacturers’ long-standing track record of proactive environmental stewardship.

The industry has worked long and hard to establish a recycling infrastructure with abundant capacity to absorb and re-use almost all the packaging it produces.

In the early 1990s, when community recycling programs were new, the Corrugated Recycles symbol was introduced to help people identify corrugated for recycling, raise awareness of its recyclability and increase its recovery rate. Communities across America have been accepting OCC ever since. Today, the Corrugated Recycles symbol is printed on the bottom of most corrugated boxes as a clear reminder that the package can be recycled.

The boxes you recycle, combined with raw materials sourced from responsibly-harvested forests, means that you should feel good about choosing corrugated packaging. And your customers should too.

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Why choose corrugated?

Corrugated packaging is a sustainable and clean choice that provides value throughout the supply chain, protects products and increases sales.
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