Corrugated Packaging

the Natural choice.

the Natural choice.

Stack it anyway you like; corrugated packaging is a natural choice for food packaging. Corrugated packaging is a sustainable and clean choice that provides value throughout the supply chain, protects products and increases sales.


Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage.


Corrugated packaging is lightweight and clean, lowering shipping costs with fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions.


Corrugated packaging sells your product with high-impact graphics that drive brand awareness and product preference to help close the sale.


Corrugated packaging is renewable-sourced and 93 percent is recovered and recycled to make new boxes and other paper products.

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Corrugated vs. Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs)

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Corrugated packaging excels over RPCs in a variety of ways. View the reasons which will help you make an informed choice when deciding between corrugated and RPCs.

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Progress continues in replacing waxed corrugated boxes

A new study shows continued progress in the replacement of traditional wax coatings on corrugated boxes. Since the introduction of the corrugated industry’s recyclability protocol in 2005, use of wax has steadily dropped off.  In 2016, the corrugated industry shipped less than 10 billion square feet of waxed boxes, just 2.5 percent of total shipments.


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