Corrugated Packaging

Because boxes are so much more than ordinary.


Why Corrugated?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are so common, it can be easy to take them for granted. We tend to think about what we put in them, while barely giving the box itself a second thought. They are ordinary indeed. But they are so, so much more than ordinary. See some of the reasons they are extraordinary below.


Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage.


Corrugated packaging is lightweight and clean, lowering shipping costs with fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions.


Corrugated packaging sells your product with high-impact graphics that drive brand awareness and product preference to help close the sale.


Corrugated packaging is renewable-sourced and 96 percent is recovered and recycled to make new boxes and other paper products.

Choose Corrugated for the Planet

Responsibly managed corrugated packaging is good for the planet – plastic packaging not so much.

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Corrugated vs. Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs)

Make an informed choice.
Corrugated packaging excels over RPCs in a variety of ways. View the reasons which will help you make an informed choice when deciding between corrugated and RPCs.
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There are over 1,154 corrugated manufacturing facilities with approximately 100,000 employees in nearly 1,000 cities and towns throughout the U.S.

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Shop and Ship Early

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot – including the way we will celebrate the holidays. The new mantra of mass media and retailers alike advises consumers to shop and ship early. That means all eyes are on the supply chain. The good news is retailers and consumers can count on corrugated packaging to make those happy holiday deliveries.

New Fiber and the Importance of Sustainably Managed Forests

As a manufacturing sector, wood products including corrugated packaging, rely on trees harvested from managed forests as a renewable raw material source. We need both new and recycled fibers to maintain a balanced circular system.


Recovery Rate for the Last 10 Years

Billion Packages Delivered Safely Each Year

Superior Material

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